Pioneering the future of clean water

We are on a mission to create better lives through better water. That's why we are committed to always adapting and improving our technology, our customer experience, and our impact in a changing world.

Carbon-neutral shipping starting this summer

We are urgently reducing our carbon footprint to help address climate change, as well as air and water pollution. Starting June 1, 2021, all shipments from our fulfillment team to your door will be 100% carbon-neutral. At no extra cost to you, we balance out emissions by investing in carbon offset programs that also make our world a healthier, more sustainable place to live.

Aquagear Recycling will accept non-Aquagear filters

Since 2014, Aquagear has provided filter recycling for Aquagear customers. Thanks to your efforts, we have kept thousands of filters out of landfills. Now, we will be offering filter recycling for most non-Aquagear pitcher filters as well, at a minimal fee to cover postage and processing. Whether you use Aquagear or not, we want to help reduce the impact of waste on our environment—especially on our oceans, where plastic often ends up.

Aquagear customers can still recycle their filters at no cost.

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Our commitment to protecting you from PFOA/PFOS and other emerging contaminants

Over the last decade, and especially over the last two years, we've learned a lot about what's in our tap water. It's our goal to improve and adapt the Aquagear filter when new environmental research emerges. That's why the newest version of the Aquagear filter is independently tested to remove 99% of PFOA/PFOS ("Forever Chemicals"). Because they build up in our bodies and do not break down, PFOA/PFOS pose a unique threat to public health, even compared to other harmful contaminants like lead.

The Aquagear filter is now independently tested to remove other new and emerging contaminants, such as microplastics and trace pharmaceutical drugs.

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All Aquagear Foundation filter projects are GPS-verified

The Aquagear Foundation helps build and install specially designed biosand filters in Tanzania so that communities can access safe drinking water. Every one of these community-owned biosand filters are now assigned a GPS coordinate, so our team can follow up with check-ins and maintenance after installation is complete. GPS verification is a critical part of the Aquagear Foundation's results-driven commitment to ending water poverty.

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