All About Aquagear Foundation

All About Aquagear Foundation

According to the World Health Organization, 2.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water within their homes. That's roughly 3 in 10 people across the globe. And out of all these individuals, nearly 844 do not even have a basic drinking water service nearby. A large portion of these communities have to venture out, sometimes traveling 30 minutes or more, just to obtain potable water. Many turn to untreated water sources like lakes and streams. For these people, water scarcity is simply a mere fact of life.

That's why we started Aquagear Foundation.

new biosand filter arrives

New biosand filter arrives at the Mmewa family home in the Morogoro Region  of Tanzania.

Our mission for Aquagear Foundation is to end water poverty within our lifetime. We aim to achieve this goal by donating a portion of all our filter product sales to the foundation. One hundred percent of these proceeds go directly towards installing new filtering systems to villages and communities that need them most. 

new biosand filtering arrving for aquagear foundation


 Aquagear Foundation is committed to using the most practical and widely available filtering methods and materials in order to maximize its impact. Currently, biosand is the most effective and affordable solution for bringing clean water to afflicted communities. Biosand filters are easily operated and can safely remove heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria. 

aquagear biosand filter

The Mkunda family standing happily next to their new biosand filter.

By choosing Aquagear, your purchases bring about positive change in the lives of so many people. For every filter product sold, 6 months of clean drinking water is provided to someone in need. For these people, just one donated biosand filter can make a world of difference.