Did You Know That Each Year There is a Nationwide Contest to Judge the Best Tap?

Did You Know That Each Year There is a Nationwide Contest to Judge the Best Tap?

Unless you're a complete water nerd like us, you might not know that each year in the United States tap water samples are judged on their taste at American Water Works Association competition. Each sample is thoroughly tested by impartial judges and they are scored on their overall taste. Once all the samples have been scored the results are read and one lucky city walks away with the crown for Tastiest Water in America. 

Pretty interesting, right? And just in case you're just as curious as we are about the competition, then here's a little bit more information for you:

Who is the American Water Works Association? 

The American Water Works Association, or AWWA, is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water. At just about 50,000 members, the group works to aid public health, protect the environment, and improve water quality. The organization has a very long history that began in 1881.

The official full name for the water taste test is "The People's Choice and Best of the Best Tap Water Taste Tests."

How does sample submission process work?

Exactly six water samples (1 liter in volume) are submitted from any qualifying water municipality within the United States. Tap water systems who received any Federal violations within the past 12 months are not qualified to enter. Samples are recommended to be submitted in glass vessels (though plastic is acceptable) along with a label or tag listing the local municipality. Each sample is also required to be accompanied by a representative from the source location. 

How are the tap water samples judged?

Water samples are judged and scored based on a 1 to 10 "taste" range. the judges consist of local public figures and specialized "taste-analyzers." The water samples are served at room temperature to ensure optimum flavor profile. According to the AWWA, only three winners are announced and ranked while the rest of the competition's scores are not released.

greeley colorado best tasting water

Last year's winner was the quiet and quaint mountain town of Greeley, Colorado. Congratulations! You earned it. 

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