What is Tap Water Chlorination?

What is Tap Water Chlorination?

What is tap water chlorination?

Tap water chlorination is simply the addition of the chemical chlorine to municipal water.

Why do we add chlorine to tap water?

Chlorine is added to tap water to kill certain bacteria and microbes that may be harmful to ones health.

Is chlorine toxic?

Yes. Chlorine on it's own in before dilution is extremely toxic. However, when it's diluted to very small amounts in tap water, following governmental standards, it is then safe to consume.

Does chlorinated water taste bad?

Many people think chlorinated water has a foul and chemical like taste. Some people swear by this "chlorinated" flavor, while others not to have detected it.

Is chlorinated water bad for you?

While chlorine is effective at killing certain biological water-born disease causing germs, **it may pose some contrasting health risks. Some research may point to the disruption of the local gut biome and increased risk of some cancers associated with consuming highly chlorinated tap water. 

How can you remove chlorine from tap water?

One of the best methods for removing chlorine from your tap water is to use qualified filter. Our Aquagear filter pitcher is certified to remove 99.9% of chlorine found in tap water.