What is World Water Day?

What is World Water Day?

March 22nd is World Water Day! Not sure what World Water Day is? No problem. We're here to help you understand this global observance.

So, what is it?

World Water day is an annual observance day to highlight the importance of fresh water. It falls every year on the same day - March 22.

When was World Water Day started?

The first WWD was acknowledged in 1993 and it was officiated by the United Nations. 

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Donations from purchases of Aquagear products helped provide this BioSand filter which makes clean water more accessible to villages in need.

What is the purpose of commemorating this day?

According to the UN, there are over 663 million people living without safe water near their homes. These individuals travel great distances or often queue for several hours in order to procure clean drinking water. The purpose of World Water Day is to make light of these peoples daily struggle in order to bring awareness and ultimately change to their situation.

What can I do to help?

To learn more and to get involved, visit the World Water Day website here. To help provide six months of clean drinking water to one person, you can always purchase one Aquagear filter product here.