Why Does My Tap Water Smell Weird?

Why Does My Tap Water Smell Weird?

Is your tap water beginning to smell like a pet store? Or maybe you've always detected a chemical smell coming from your faucet. Well, according to the Univerity of Georgia, the cause of your tap water's foul smell could be caused by a number of different reasons. Let's explore the types of different smells that people report and then break down what exactly might be the cause!

Bleach or chemical smell

As per government standards, public waters must be chlorinated to certain levels in order to prevent bacterial growth. Normally, water is chlorinated to 0.2-2.0 parts per million (ppm), but sometimes levels can be as high as 5 ppm. People who detect a chlorine smell in their tap water generally report a medicinal or bleach-like smell. You can safely dispatch chlorine, along with its foul smell, from your tap water using a qualified filter pitcher!

rotten egg smell in the tap

Rotten egg smell is due to hydrogen sulfide gas.

Rotten egg smell

This smell most likely signals the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide can be found naturally occurring in groundwater or as a by-product of bacteria feeding on organic matter (i.e. hair, soap, food waste) in your plumbing. Although hydrogen sulfide is mostly harmless at average levels, it's smell can be quite off-putting. 

Musty, moldy or fishy smell

Earthy, musty and even grassy smells are likely caused by decaying organic matter in your drain or drainage system. It may also be caused by pollution of local well water mishandled sources. 

What can I do about the smell?

Since most tap water odors are mostly harmless, your best bet is to filter your water using an activated charcoal carbon filter. Many people report the funny smells of their water disappearing when using our home filter pitcher. Try it out for yourself!