What's the secret ingredient to a great cup of coffee?

What's the secret ingredient to a great cup of coffee?

Have you ever gone through so much trouble to source the finest bean and labor arduously using the best brew method only to find yourself drinking a pretty bland cup? According to some trained baristas, your error might be the first ingredient: water. 

secret to a great cup of coffee is filtered water

High-end specialty coffee connoisseurs know the secret: always start with filtered water.

As Prima Coffee, an online coffee resource, points out, "The water with which we brew our coffee is fundamentally not just water." That's right. Your water often contains many minerals and chemicals that can ultimately affect the taste of your final cup. Chlorine, calcium, magnesium and metal pipes can potentially alter the flavor your brew. 

filter your water for best coffee

So what can you do to prevent your water from flavoring your coffee? That's easy! Do what the pros do and filter it! Purifying your water with a substantial filter with credentials that prove its ability to eliminate chlorine, magnesium, calcium and others is all you need. 

perfect cup of coffee needs filtered water

Now go ahead and make that perfect cup!