New study reveals mounting water crisis in United States

New study reveals mounting water crisis in United States

A new study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences just revealed some very dismal facts about the state of many of our public tap water systems. Researchers found that since 1982, each year, between 3 and 10 percent of the US's drinking water systems have been in violation with federal health standards. We have to let that one sink in for a moment. Between 3 and 10 percent. From 1985-2015. Year after year.  We have to let that one sink in for a moment. Lead author of the study, Maurie Allaire, reported to Science Magazine that "the contaminants in the water can cause stomach flu or “more chronic conditions including a variety of cancers and neurological disorders.” 

united states tap drinking water contamination crisis

Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma and Nebraska counties among most deeply affected. For interactive map visit Science Magazine Website.

Using data from their findings, Science Magazine created a map to show just how deeply the US is affected. Fix your attention on the deeply affected areas in red and you can see very clearly that rural areas are disproportionately affected. Among them is Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma and Nebraska. These particular regions are often unequipped with new remediation and filtrations technologies and struggle with aging infrastructure. 

aging infrastructure is threatening us water system

Aging infrastructure is responsible for disproportionately affected rural areas. 
Here at Aquagear we were stunned by these results. The study proves that tainted tap water isn't just an anomaly and places like Flint, Michigan aren't the only ones in a crisis. The sad truth is that contaminated tap water is an unavoidable reality for millions of Americans. Perhaps the most shocking statistic of all: In 2015 alone, nearly 21 million Americans were consuming water with contaminant levels above legal standards.
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