California could be facing another drought

California could be facing another drought

According to an official message posted by the State of California, snowpack within the state is just 24% of it's long-term average. If precipitation doesn't start picking up here in February then yes, what you might be thinking will unfortunately come true: California could soon be facing another drought.

As usual, the total effect of a snowpack shortage means that much of the canals and waterways California residents and growers rely on from it's eastern mountain ranges could be dry. Irrigation from these waterways are absolutely critical for California growers and ultimately food consumers. Mother Jones  reported that the Central Valley grows approximately a quarter of all US food supplies. 

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40% of the nuts, fruits, and vegetables we consume in the US come from the Central Valley - an area threatened by drought.


As our company has it's roots firmly planted in this gold California soil, we're ever worried about the frequency of these droughts. Should another one hit, it would be the fourth one since year 2000. And just in case you don't remember, California just got done with a massive drought last year. Another drought could be devastating to our rich California landscape and farmlands.

We've got our fingers crossed for some snow.

We'll be following monitoring and reporting news and updates on the potential drought. Stay close to the blog for updates.