How to Hack Your Daily Cup of Tea

How to Hack Your Daily Cup of Tea

How do you like your tea? Are you someone who goes to great lengths to source the best quality green tea like a Sencha from Japan? Or Maybe you like sticking to some of the classic bagged teas like English Breakfast or Darjeeling. Well, whether you're a tea snob or just a daily drinker, you might want to rethink your water source. 

hack your tea with better water

A Japanese Green tea being steeped in contaminant free, filtered water.

That's because a cup of tea is nearly 99% water. So you don't want to be drinking poor quality H2O when it is making up the bulk of your drink. Most tea houses know how the quality of their water can affect the taste and complexity of their teas, so they go to great lengths to filter it first. The ancient Chinese knew this too. Lu Yu said that the best water for tea could be found from a swiftly moving mountain stream. 

Unfortunately, we can't all be so fortunate to have access to a mountain spring, so most of us reach for our water filter pitcher. Our filter removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, and other industrial contaminants that can taint the flavor and quality of your tea. And just like the ancient Japanese who used bamboo charcoal to filter their tea water, our filter harnesses the natural cleansing and filtration properties of coconut carbon.