How to Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

How to Encourage Your Kids to Drink More Water

Health-conscious parents know how difficult it can be to get their kids to drink more water.  Most of our children simply lack the knowledge of the importance of hydration and simply can't be bothered to drink more water. And let's face it: with super sugary drinks like orange juice, Coca-Cola and Gatorade around, water has some stiff competition. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to help every youngster drink more water and reinforce lifelong healthy hydration habits! 

 1. Make water more tempting by adding delicious frozen fruit!

An average serving of orange juice (12 oz.) contains about 33 grams of sugar. And the same amount of apple juice contains roughly 39 grams! Kick fruit juices out of your fridge and replace them with infused water. Adding high-quality frozen fruits to your kids' water can help make hydration more fun and tasty!

2. Remove foul-smells and unpleasant tastes by filtering your tap water.

Unfortunately, your tap water isn't guaranteed to taste like a crisp and clean mountain stream. If you've ever sensed a funny smell or taste to your tap, then it might be time to get a good quality filter pitcher. Our Aquagear USA made filter improves and, as many customers have noted, eliminates unpleasant tap water tastes. 

orange juice has 33 grams of sugar

A typical 12oz cup of orange juice contains 33 grams of sugar. The same amount of Coca-Cola has 40 grams.

3. Assign your child his or her own reusable drinking bottle.

We know sharing is caring, but what kid doesn't like to have a few of their very own things? Give your child their own personal water bottle and teach them to always keep it full. Encourage them to take the water bottle with them to school, sports practice, on road trips and more! 

4. Be a role model: Drink tons of water yourself!

For better or worse, we all know how kids can pick up the behaviors of their parents and other adults in there life. Set an example for your child by promoting and reinforcing their behavior by drinking plenty of water yourself. Show your son or daughter how beneficial the practice is for you and lead them by example. Carry your reusable water everywhere you go and always choose H20 at the dinner table. 

drink more water