Make the switch from bottled water to filtered for your dog!

Make the switch from bottled water to filtered for your dog!

We love hearing about our customer's happy and hydrated pups!

aquagear does your dog prefer filtered water

Some very healthy, happy and hydrated pooches!

Often we'll hear that someone has switched from using bottled water to one of our filter pitchers to hydrate their pup. We're thrilled to hear this for two very awesome reasons: 1) We know that that dog is getting the best water possible and 2) because of how damaging plastic bottles are to our environment.

Every person or pooch makes the switch from using bottled water to a filter pitcher is making a very big and impactful change. That's because each year 50 billion bottles are consumed and then thrown out in the US alone. That's a ton of bottles, and many of them don't make it to the recycling center. 

use filtered water instead of bottled for your dog

Tex wants to help save plastic bottles from oceans and landfills!

It's estimated that there are nearly 90 million dogs living in homes across the United States. While we don't know how many of those dogs are drinking bottled water, we can make a conservative guess of, lets say, 5%. That's 4.5 million dogs that might be drinking bottled water! If only a fraction of those dog owners switched to filtered tap water, their would be a significant reduction of single-use plastic bottles!

Make the switch today! Your pup will thank you.