Olympic Bottled Water Ban

Olympic Bottled Water Ban

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Attendees of the Olympic summer games in London will not be permitted to carry liquid containers of more than 100 ml. Such a ban protects against the fear of 'liquid bombs' and will be enforced with airport-like security measures against outside food and beverage.

Bottled water, however, may still be purchased within the Olympic venues for approximately $2.60.

With the need for people to stay well-hydrated and cool (especially whilst remaining in one position for extended periods of time in the heat), the bottled water costs inside the stadium will definitely rack up. Moreover, not all of those bottles will be recycled.

The best option is for attendees to bring reusable water bottles. Indeed, this is even permissable! The bottles may be filled inside the stadium, and with an Aqua Gear filter, any tap water source may be utilized.

While the ban is set in place as a security measure, it is yet another opportunity to ask an important question: why buy overpriced water in plastic containers anyway?

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