5 Tips for Living with High Levels of Lead

5 Tips for Living with High Levels of Lead

Exposure to lead via the consumption of tap water is a very well known danger to the public. Although measures have been taken to significantly reduce lead consumption in the US, exposure does still occur. After all, the Flint, Michigan lead crisis which affected up to 100,000 residents is still very much in recent memory.

If your tap water has been found to contain lead levels above the EPA's 15 ppb (parts per billion) action levels, than here are five tips to help you avoid exposure.

1. According to the CDC, if you should plan to cook or drink tap water then be sure to run it on COLD for 5 minutes before consumption. The idea here being that any lead that leeched from your pipes into the tap, is cleared before consuming it. 

2. Do not filter or consume hot or warm tap water. This water is more likely than cold to contain trace lead.

3. In order to save water, fill large containers or jugs with the cool tap water that you have has been run for five minutes or more. 

4. DO NOT Boil tap water. While this may work for neutralizing or boiling off other contaminants, it does not for lead. Lead is a heavy metal and it will under no circumstances can be boiled away.

5. Lastly, filter your tap water using, as the CDC says, "a filtration system that has been certified by an independent testing organization." Our Aquagear filter is independently certified to reduce lead by 99.9%.


**For more information on Lead, please visit the CDC's website.